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Pentax Lornetka ZD 8x43 ED

Numer produktu: 53135
Marka: Pentax

$ 1.130,00

Pentax Lornetka ZD 8x43 ED
Pentax Lornetka ZD 8x43 ED
Pentax Lornetka ZD 8x43 ED
Pentax Lornetka ZD 8x43 ED
Pentax Lornetka ZD 8x43 ED
Pentax Lornetka ZD 8x43 ED
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Pentax Z-Series
The Z-series is the flagship of the entire range, offering premium level quality and clarity, at a price that’s within reach. The Z-series models are clearly built for critical observation. The new Full Multi-Coating and a new Enhanced Light Transmission Coating are designed to delight the most demanding users and inspire the most dedicated enthusiasts. A hydrophobic, protective coating rounds off the outdoors applications. This series is an all-rounder! Rough and tough with an exceptional image quality, edge-to-edge sharpness, unsurpassed brightness & clarity and a resolution that will impress – especially under twilight conditions. What more could you ask for? We built this serie to weather all weather! The strong body is protected with a solid, rubber armouring – the binocular can easily be handled when wearing gloves. To assure all-time functionality we have added a hydrophobic coating on all to-air exposed lenses – rain, fog, snow or even your own breath will no longer trouble your viewing.

  • New Enhanced Light Transmission Coatings
    PENTAX binoculars take quality optics to the next level by applying a new, optimized film-deposition technology on lens and prism surfaces resulting in increased light transmission which creates bright images with accurate color rendition
  • Protective Lens Coating
    All optical surfaces are delicate and must be handled with care to prevent scratching. To add to the durability of the Z- and S-series Water Proof binoculars*, PENTAX has added a protective, nano technology coating that helps deflect water, oil, dust and dirt. This allows PENTAX binoculars to withstand the harshest viewing conditions.

Regulowane obrotowo muszle oczne odpowiednie dla osób noszących okulary korekcyjne.

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