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APM Lornetka 100 mm 45° Semi-Apo 1,25"

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APM Lornetka 100 mm 45° Semi-Apo 1,25"
APM Lornetka 100 mm 45° Semi-Apo 1,25"
APM Lornetka 100 mm 45° Semi-Apo 1,25"
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With two eyes we see much more!

With a 100 mm binocular, we can already observe extended nebulous objects and galaxies . Larger star clusters are even dissolved in single stars. Through the use of a binocular, light-weaker sky objects appear much brighter and contrast-rich than with a conventional telescope of the same aperture. Observations with screwed smoke filters on objects such as the Orion nebula, cirrus nebula or the dumbbell fog are particularly attractive. In addition, you can recognize a 3D effect, eg during moon observations.
This spherically corrected two-louvre air gap Semi APO binoculars offers you an extremely high contrast. A set of 18mm eyepieces is included. The focus position has been chosen so that Tele Vue delos, nailers, panoptics, as well as the Docter 12.5 mm UWA eyepiece can be focussed.

Integrated sliding decks with front cover, a handgrip handle with sighting device, a photostatic adapter with 3/8 "thread connection and two eyepieces with 29x magnification.

Application areas :

  • Astronomy - the 45 ° view provides a pleasant view (for medium heights, for zenith observations a corresponding tripod is needed)
  • Viewing and monitoring telescope - also for distant objects (eg target targets ...)
  • Bird watching, animal observation, nature observation - also here very comfortable view at medium altitude above the horizon


  • 100 mm Semi-Apo binoculars with carrying handle and photostatic adapter
  • 4 dust caps
  • Set 18 mm UF 65 degrees wide angle eyepieces = 29 x magnification

Sun observers need the dimension for the suitable solar filter: dew cap diameter inside 120 mm, outside 124 mm

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