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Baader Okular Morpheus 14 mm 76°

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Marka: Baader

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Baader Okular Morpheus 14 mm 76°
Baader Okular Morpheus 14 mm 76°
Baader Okular Morpheus 14 mm 76°
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Opis artykułu:

Ten opis artykułu został przetłumaczony przez komputer. W razie pytań prosimy o kontakt z naszym polskojęzycznym serwisem.

Morpheus is the god of dreams and dreamlike name for eyepieces

With genuine 76 ° field immerse yourself in the universe. The large glasses suitable eye relief and comfortable insight will give you the feeling that you make no spacewalk. The field is thereby inflated than artificial or distorted! The sharpness in the center makes designated Planetenokularen competition, and even at fast telescopes look to the edges sharp star.

Other optical properties:

  • Minimal distortion: The optical design of Morpheus enables an exceptionally low Winkelverzeichnung. So the moon and the planets are not distorted when they wander through the image field, and the field is close to the theoretical value - and that's no exaggeration: Just compare the 76 ° -Eigengesichtsfeld of Morpheus with the image on the sky. You will see that the sight really fits with what can be expected focal length and apparent field.
  • Spacewalk feeling: The immersion in the universe - the Spacewalk feeling - does not at all eyepieces evenly. Some 82 ° restrictive eyepieces act, while with others - sometimes even with a smaller field of view - has the feeling of being directly between the stars. Two factors are important here: The eye relief, and a comfortable eye relief without kidney bean effect. The Morpheus eyepieces are optimized for the spacewalk effect out.
  • Phantom Coating® Group: Introduced with the Hyperion eyepieces Phantom Group multi-layer coating has been optimized for Morpheus eyepieces again and adapted to the different types of glass.
  • Optimized Aperture: Like all Baader eyepieces were the visor inside my raytracing optimized to eliminate the stray light effectively.

Mechanical properties:

  • Lightweight: The eyepieces were designed as stable and weight-saving as possible, not least for use on binoviewer. The hardest part of the Morpheus, the lens groups, the protective, waterproof case is as lightweight as possible any executed and linked.
  • Fold-down eyecups: Included with the Morpheus include two soft rubber eyecups which can be adjusted in each case to two positions. These new eyecups designed for optimum eye relief and comfort - whether you're watching with or without eyeglasses. The eyecups with special collapsible side lens hood provides maximum comfort and stray-light protection, which is essential for the binocular observation with glasses.
  • Security features: The 1.25 "- and 2" -Steckhülsen have the new Baader Safety-kerf -Rutschsicherung. The result is a perfect compromise between smooth receptacles and the usual, broad securing grooves. The many small notches form many breakpoints when smooth eyepieces already start to slip, while avoiding the problems of tilting that can occur in an unhappy placed securing groove. And if you take the eyepieces into their own hands, are the large rubber ring with waffle structure secure grip.
  • Photo / Video Adaptation: Each Morpheus has a concealed M43-thread for connecting the Baader Hyperion M43 / T2-rings (see "recommended accessories"). Thus, virtually any better camera are screwed directly to the eyepiece, very stable and when required with minimal distance to avoid vignetting.

Each Morpheus Weitwinkelokular can be inserted both in a 1.25 "-Okularauszug and on a 2" -Auszug. You are provided with a luminescent label the focal length, so you do not need a flashlight for a fast switching eyepieces.

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