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Przedłużenia kolumn statywowych Betonsäulenadapter für EQ-6, NEQ-6, NEQ-6 R & EQ-8

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gotowe do wysyłki w 3-5 tygodni + czas przesyłki

Opis artykułu


  • intended for mounting on a concrete column
  • ideal for SkyWatcher EQ6, EQ6-R, AZ-EQ6 and EQ8 (etc.)
  • 100% made in Europe

Fasten the mount to a concrete pillar

The optimal solution for private observatories: stable, easy to assemble and variable. This version of the concrete column adapter is suitable for the SkyWatcher EQ6, EQ6-R, AZ-EQ6 and EQ8 as well as for all USA mounts with the same connection, such as ORION Atlas and with slight adjustment also for the Takahashi EM-11 and EM-200 mount. All holes and threads are pre-drilled.


The concrete column adapter consists of three levels connected by 4 strong M16 threaded rods:

the lowest so-called stabilizer level consists of two crossed profiles made of aluminum alloy, which are fully sunk in the concrete. They hold or stabilize the 4 threaded rods, similar to the metal structure in reinforced concrete.

the middle so-called deck level is a 10mm thick solid metal plate with a diameter of 20cm. This plate is already visible, covering the column from above. The threaded rods are tightened with nuts from both above and below. After concreting, only the upper nuts are accessible.

the carrying plane is mount specific, this is where the mount attaches. There is only enough space between the deck level and the carrying level for the mount to be attached from below (by hand or with tools) or removed again. Everyone can set this distance for themselves before the adapter is sunk into the concrete, thanks to the continuous thread on the threaded rods.

The North Thorn

Many astro enthusiasts faced the problem that the EQ6 from different years of construction also have north spikes of different lengths. In 2017, Lacerta redesigned the north mandrel to avoid the hassle of sawing off or lengthening. The typical Nord-Dorn profile, which is pressed from the right and left by horizontal adjusting screws, sits on a long M8 threaded rod and can therefore be individually adjusted in height.

In order to be able to transport the north mandrel without damage, the mandrel is mounted upside down and looks down.


A suitable formwork tube is required for this concrete column adapter (not included in the scope of delivery) which gives the shape of the later column. The north pin (in some mounts the south pin) is screwed REVERSE into a free thread for transport; please do not pour concrete over it, but screw it out and screw it into the hole provided. The height of the mandrel can be adjusted (lock) with the two screw nuts. It is advisable to try out the EQ6 or EQ8 on the upper plate before concreting (in plain text screw it on and then remove it again - then you can also see how much hand space is required to tighten the central fastening screw). This test can also be done shortly before concreting. For reasons of stability, the platform should have a small distance to the concrete (distance: deck level to support level). The middle plate can be raised and lowered using the 4 nuts. It would be ideal if the middle slab "floats" on the still liquid concrete and the distance between the middle and upper platform is large enough that you still have space with your hand or a screwing tool.

For the stability of the whole column, a corresponding foundation is necessary, which is cast in concrete. When the foundation is finished, the reinforcement should protrude from the foundation at the point where the column will later be attached in order to ensure a stable transition between the column and the foundation.

Place the formwork tube on the foundation and support it laterally so that it remains horizontal when pouring later (and possibly checking the compass direction beforehand with the mount put on).

It is also recommended to reinforce the formwork tube with reinforcement (at best with the reinforcement protruding from the base plate if this is long enough)

Pour concrete into the formwork tube from above until it is full to the brim.

Now press the concrete column adapter with the crossed profiles first into the concrete until the deck level is flush with the formwork tube. Check here that the spike is pointing in the right direction (ATTENTION: the spike is in the south on the new EQ8-R)

After curing (may take several days depending on manufacture and temperature), the column support can be removed. The shuttering tube can then also be removed.

The mount can be screwed to the designated place.

In addition to the original formwork tubes made of cardboard, tubes made of PVC or metal are also possible.

ATTENTION: the north/south mandrel should point to the north/south during the concrete pour in order to be able to correctly align the EQ6 or EQ8.

The central fixing screw is PART OF THE MOUNT, we NEVER supply it. EQ6, EQ8, Takahashi etc... require different central screws, it is impossible to supply an assortment of M8, M10, M12, 3/8" etc... screws of different lengths and types (hex, Allen,...).

Simple modification for Takahashi mounts

If you would like to attach a Takahashi EM-11 or EM-200 mount, you only have to drill out the central M12 thread of the concrete column adapter to a hole with a diameter of 12mm. Here you can then attach the mount with the original screw that Takahashi supplies with the axis cross.

If you let us know when ordering that you would like to mount a Takahashi mount, we will be happy to prepare the drilling for you.

Of course, you also have the option for your own (other) mount to attach additional holes and threads to the carrying level. There is enough space on the thick aluminum plate!

Manufactured 100% in Europe

In order to support the local economy, the aluminum plates are not imported from the Far East, but are bought from the Lower Austrian aluminum manufacturer "BLECHA" and pre-cut there as well. Further processing is carried out by KITECH, a one-person company that, among other things, has maintained the historical Heyde telescope of the Budapest Urania Observatory for more than 20 years. The concrete column adapters are then assembled in the Lacerta branch in Deutschkreutz, Burgenland. Even the packaging comes from the EU - from a non-profit company that only employs people with disabilities.

Dane techniczne


Przeznaczony dla...
Skywatcher EQ6, EQ6-R, AZ-EQ6 oraz EQ8 (i inne)


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Lacerta Przedłużenia kolumn statywowych Betonsäulenadapter für EQ-6, NEQ-6, NEQ-6 R & EQ-8
Lacerta Przedłużenia kolumn statywowych Betonsäulenadapter für EQ-6, NEQ-6, NEQ-6 R & EQ-8
Lacerta Przedłużenia kolumn statywowych Betonsäulenadapter für EQ-6, NEQ-6, NEQ-6 R & EQ-8
Lacerta Przedłużenia kolumn statywowych Betonsäulenadapter für EQ-6, NEQ-6, NEQ-6 R & EQ-8

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