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Software Bisque Montaż Paramount MyT

Numer produktu: 51032
Marka: Software Bisque

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Software Bisque Montaż Paramount MyT
Software Bisque Montaż Paramount MyT
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High-quality digital astrophotography is now portable!

The Paramount MyT (pronounced "mighty") is a motorized equatorial mount. It was developed from the ground up to maximum stability and performance to offer - both in an observatory as well as on the field. The Paramount MyT offers virtually all the features of the major Paramount Mounts of Software Bisque, but is portable and designed for smaller and more compact devices.

  • High-precision mechanical and electronic drive technology for ungeguidetes tracking.
  • Brushless Precision DC servo motors. GoTo speed up to 6 ° per second!
  • Brass and aluminum worm gear have max. 10 "peak to peak period errors. With activated period error correction remain about 1" or less.
  • Tracking of the right ascension of up to two hours over the meridian.
  • Mounting plate (Versa-Plate)
  • The cabling is completely internal.
  • A lighting beneath the mount facilitates the assembly and disassembly.


  • Hand Controller with Joystick
  • 80 W (48 V / 1.7 A) power supply
  • Umrangreiches software package including TheSkyX and TPoint Add On

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