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Software Bisque Montaż Paramount MX+

Numer produktu: 51031
Marka: Software Bisque

$ 12.600,00

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Ten opis artykułu został przetłumaczony przez komputer. W razie pytań prosimy o kontakt z naszym polskojęzycznym serwisem.

Paramount MX + mount is a mount, which can be used both in transportablen- as well as firmly established insert completely in the remote operation.

The Paramount MX +

  • carries telescopes up to a total weight of 45 kg (depending on the length)
  • at a weight of only 23 kg (Achskreuz)
  • It offers an internal wiring through the polar axis with plenty of room for other accessories Cable
  • The periodic error is max. 7 arc seconds (peak to peak, without further PEC correction by the control software)
  • The positioning accuracy is 30 arc seconds (with software support TPoint) in the middle
  • Both axes are absolutely backlash-free (Backlash) by a belt drive of the axis drives

The Paramount MX + is supplied with the following software:

  • TheSkyX Professional Edition (Mac and Windows)
  • TPoint Add On (including ProTrack and supermodel) for TheSkyX Professional Edition.
  • Camera Add On for TheSkyX Professional Edition.
  • Multi-OS and Six License add-on for up to six different computer

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