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Oprogramowanie Software Guide CD-ROM ver. 9.0 z podręcznikiem po niemiecku

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Opis artykułu

Guide 9 is a program for creating star maps and simulation of celestial motions. It produces star maps, the size of a full hemisphere of the sky (180 degrees) to a second of arc is adjustable, and can show a variety of celestial objects. Typically, the program used to create or appropriately equipped telescopes to directly control individual finder charts for use at the telescope. The program is included manual and help files completely in German translation. The catalog data for a large part of all catalogs are also used in the German language.

Guide has a large number of possibilities how and with what content a star chart can be displayed. For example, maps can be created for the observation of variable stars, contain all known and suspected variables, but no galaxies and nebulae and asteroids only to 13th size. With a guide, it is very easy to create and print cards such specialized.

Guide to the most current telescopes control "right" because it uses the communication protocols of the individual telescope manufacturers. At the same time guide ASCOM drivers use which no longer can be very exotic units control.

Another principal use of the extensive details which are kept ready for each object. Guide can spend almost all objects information from several different catalogs and compare to show you everything you want to know about an object.

In addition to the already extensive range of catalogs supplied, you can import your own records on your needs. Very often you need not bother but do not make yourself, because almost every conceivable catalog has been prepared by a guide-user according to the use. Some of these catalogs are included in current versions of the DVD already. Nevertheless, it remains possible, any data collection known as the "plain text" (ASCII) is present with moderate effort to guide book.

Guide 9 shows almost everything is in the solar system: artificial satellites, all planets, as well as all the moons, of course, sun and moon and even comets and asteroids. You can zoom planets and moons so far that surface details are visible, as detailed on a (link) Map of the Moon. Lists of different types of planetary events or even tickets to gradients of eclipses and occultations can be generated easily.

For the mapping included two databases are used: the Tycho-2 catalog with information about the 2.5 million brightest stars and the UCAC-3 catalog of positions and magnitudes for about 100 million stars up to 16th size. If you need more information, you can zoom in individual areas of the sky and import data from the USNO-A2.0 or B1.0 catalogs for them on the Internet and display. If you have a full copy of these catalogs, you can also use in Guide. Some other "mega Catalogs" which are available on the Internet as UCAC-2, SDSS or GSC-2.4 guide can represent in the same way.

Guide 9 can show them a very large number of deep-sky objects: more than 190,000 galaxies and nearly all cataloged star clusters and nebulae. It offers almost all illustrated deep-sky objects and photographs that appear when you expand an object (link, for example). These high-quality photographs taken from the Digital Sky Survey (DSS). If there is insufficient quantity supplied informed of photos, you can download and incorporate additional DSS images for the map section from the Internet.

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Oprogramowanie Software Guide CD-ROM ver. 9.0 z podręcznikiem po niemiecku

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