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Optika Stereomikroskopem MS-2 20x, Monoskop

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Opis artykułu:

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This series gives an entire stereomicroscopes range, designed to satisfy every need in both teaching and amateur fields. From a small MS-2 up to the ST-50, is completely made of a metal tripod made and assembled. The optical system is due to its quality top in its category. Seventeen microscopes available, each to allow a specific equipment different applications.


This series also offers a device (ST 30-2Led), which can operate without power thanks to the rechargeable batteries. The cold light provides excellent visibility of the sample.


Binocular heads (with the exception of MS-2). ST-40 and ST-45 are rotated 360 °, the other microscopes have a fixed head. The S-10 is the only one without a 45 ° inclined.


All devices have a slide with terminals and a white / black disc. The microscopes with transmitted light also feature a frosted glass.

Eye Relief

The viewing distance is between 51 and 75mm adjustable. A diopter adjustment is also available with the exception of the MS-2.

Optical system

WF10x / 20mm eyepieces. Different combinations of lenses: fixed with 2x objective or two selectable lenses (2x-4x or 1x-3x). With additional eyepieces and objectives, you can achieve a 80x magnification. The ST-50 has a 2x objective for long working distance (119mm).


The microscopes with transmitted and reflected light have 12V / 10W tungsten lamp. The ST-45-2L is the only microscope in this series with halogen lamp and adjustable brightness. There are also models with LED on and transmitted light.


All units have sided knobs for focus adjustment.

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