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Aparat fotograficzny Drone Explorer Cam

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  • Flight time: 6min, loading time: 120min, control distance: 100-120m
  • Explore nature from above with action cam and smartphone
  • Fly aerobatic maneuvers such as rolls or somersaults at the push of a button
  • Drone: weight 320g, dimensions 45 x 45 x 10.5cm
  • Incl.: drone, transmitter, camera mount, phone mount
  • Altitude hold function, 360° rotation, return function
  • Emergency stop function, automatic takeoff and landing
  • Trim mode and headless mode
  • Perfect for action cams from the Explore series, 4k and HD series
  • Protective rings can be attached to protect the drone

Clamp your smartphone onto the hand control and use it as a display to view nature from a bird's eye view with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC drone Explorer Cam. With the supplied camera holder for the drone, you can attach action cams of up to 150g and a size of up to 6 x 2.7 x 4.3cm. This makes the drone perfect for action cams from the Explorer series, 4K and HD series.

You can securely attach your smartphone to the transmitter with the phone holder supplied and take great pictures from the air . The drone can also rotate 360° , so you can see everything on your smartphone. It has a flight time of 6 minutes and can be easily charged within 120 minutes with the supplied charger.

With the battery-powered transmitter (batteries not included), the drone can be safely controlled from up to 100-120 meters away .

You can also try out a variety of functions with the drone and fly aerobatic figures. With the altitude hold function you can keep your perfect altitude steady, as well as with the return button bring the drone back to you safely. In an emergency, you can use the emergency stop function , which lets the drone fall down at the push of a button. In addition, the drone can be taken off and landed automatically. In addition to the functions mentioned, the drone can also be controlled in different directions or at different heights. Furthermore, the position of the front can be determined with the headless mode. In trim mode, you can adjust the drone if necessary so that it flies stable.

Aerobatic figures:

  • role
  • somersault


  • to the right and left
  • forwards and backwards
  • turn left or right
  • decrease or increase
  • Altitude hold function, 360° rotation, return function
  • Emergency stop function, automatic takeoff and landing
  • Headless mode to position the drone
  • Trim mode for stable control

Scope of delivery:

  • drone
  • Channel
  • camera mount
  • phone mount
  • 2x screw for phone mount
  • 2x rotor blades a
  • 2x rotor blades b
  • 4x landing gear
  • charger
  • 4x protective frame
  • 4x screw for protective frame
  • screwdriver
  • Instructions for use

4x AA batteries are required, action cam or smartphone are not included.

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National Geographic Aparat fotograficzny Drone Explorer Cam


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