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Zoffoli Globus z barkiem Caravaggio 40cm

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Marka: Zoffoli

$ 300,00

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Opis artykułu:

Polski tekst jest jeszcze w opracowywaniu. Na razie dostępna jest tylko wersja angielska. Przepraszamy!

The 'Universal Globe' collection's cartography summarizes the geographical knowledge of the 17th and 18th centuries by using the work of the contemporary Dutch cartographers who drew on the reports of transoceanic navigators such as Barents, Le Maire, Tasman and Roggeveen. Additional cartographic documents originating from the same period, but of differing origin, have made it possible to also add distant and only vaguely known places to the maps - such as a large part of the Tartar Empire, the North American sub-polar zone and the east coast of Australia, while coverage of the 'terra incognita' of the Arctic and Antarctic remains shadowy. Zoffoli retained general usage of Latin names, as these represent a general connecting feature in cartography. The illustrations represent the ornamental and mythological motifs which were common at the time. The sailing ships are a copy of those ships which finally proved the shape of the earth was a globe, after a thousand years of scientific restraint. A globe is the only form in which this geographical three-dimensionality can be made comprehensible to the human eye.

This globe bar has space for 2-3 bottles and 9 glasses. Beneath additional bottles can be stored. Due to small wheels, the floorstanding globe cabinet can be moved easily and without pushing down anything.

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