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Miss Wood Mapa kontynentów Woody Map Europa weiß 90x60cm

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Marka: Miss Wood

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Miss Wood Mapa kontynentów Woody Map Europa weiß 90x60cm
Miss Wood Mapa kontynentów Woody Map Europa weiß 90x60cm
Miss Wood Mapa kontynentów Woody Map Europa weiß 90x60cm
Miss Wood Mapa kontynentów Woody Map Europa weiß 90x60cm
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Opis artykułu:

Prosze zauwazyc, ze obraz mapy jest w jezyku angielskim.

Polski tekst jest jeszcze w opracowywaniu. Na razie dostępna jest tylko wersja angielska. Przepraszamy!

Miss Wood Woody Map Europe: at the bottom of your heart

If you are the kind of traveller who loves exploring all the countries of a continent, immerse in their costumes, savour their gastronomy, interact with local people to understand and learn about their history, this is the right map for you. The Woody Map Natural Europe is the ideal accessory to plan all the routes and stopovers of your next trip. Moreover, once back home, it will be the perfect moment to finish decorating it with all the memories of your experiences.

Are you a travel enthusiast? You always want more, and you extend your holidays stopping by neighbouring countries? No doubt then! You will fall in love with our new Woody Map Natural Europe. The exclusive design - 100% handmade in our atelier in Barcelona - is perfect for those who want more than just visiting a country and aspire to enjoy to the fullest the culture of the entire continent.

Endless decor possibilities

You can decorate your Woody Map Natural Europe with photos, postcards or tickets of the trips from one country to another, to remember all the magical moments experienced. And there's more! You can also plan upcoming adventures in all those countries still on your list to complete the continent. The best thing is that - with the accessories offered by Miss Wood to customize your map - you can create a truly unique model, original and totally in line with your tastes and your personality. You can add the flags of all the countries you've been to, the stickers of the monuments you've visited, the delicious specialities you've tasted or the animals you've come across on your journey.

A unique piece

The Woody Map Natural Europe - like all our cork maps - is handmade in our atelier in Barcelona. Each map is a unique piece and an excellent option to decorate your favourite corners. Find the combination you like best by choosing the colour of the design, the size and the possibility of framing it.


  • Material: Natural cork and silkscreen printing design
  • Included: 10 green pins and 10 red pins
  • You can hang it using the 8 small nails that you find in the box. You can also stick it with double-sided tape
  • L: 60 x 45 x 0,4 cm.
  • XL: 90 x 60 x 0,4 cm
  • World Flags not included, please check our recommended accesoires!
  • Installation instructions included
Use the pins in two colors to mark your visited places or those you want to visit soon!

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