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Manfrotto Głowica uchylna wideo MVH502AH z podstawą płaską

Numer produktu: 44326
Marka: Manfrotto

zł 949,02

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Opis artykułu:

Ten opis artykułu został przetłumaczony przez komputer. W razie pytań prosimy o kontakt z naszym polskojęzycznym serwisem.

The MVH502AH is a video-Neiger with flat base and a 3/8 '' internal thread. It is optimal to combine with all camera tripods. The innovative bridge design and the combination of high quality features include Manfrotto video heads the new 502HD series the ideal solution for camcorders and HDSLR up to 4kg.

The tripod heads are made completely of aluminum, thereby guaranteeing stability and safe pans during the shootings. A long quick release plate allows an optimum balance of the camera. The camera support is adapted to the latest generation of cameras and has two 3/8 "Easy-Link thread. These permit the attachment of accessories such as monitors or light. The hot shoe of the camera can therefore be used for other accessories or be kept free for lowering the center of gravity.

The variable fluid-friction system (FDS) on the pan and tilt axis is supported by ball bearings and thus allows particularly soft and precise panning and tilting movements. A red, innovative aluminum ring allows a comfortable handling of the friction of the pivot axis. The Manfrotto video heads MVH 502 feature a permanent counter-balancing weight of 4kg. (CBS: Counter Balance System). This enables a fast set-up and increased control during the shoot. For a more comfortable down the camera Take the safety button to release the quick-release plate with two MVH502 models is now on the front of the tripod head. Left or right, depending on your preference, the pan bar can be attached to the head. To protect the environment Manfrotto waived in the manufacture of swivel handles completely on PVC.

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