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Columbus Globus Mercury 34cm

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Marka: Columbus

$ 290,00

Darmowa dostawa na terenie Unii Europejskiej!
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Columbus Globus Mercury 34cm
Columbus Globus Mercury 34cm
Columbus Globus Mercury 34cm
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Opis artykułu:

Polski tekst jest jeszcze w opracowywaniu. Na razie dostępna jest tylko wersja angielska. Przepraszamy!

Columbus planetary globe 40cm diameter

A Globe made of acrylic glass, which is break and heat resistant, as well as with a hand-covered surface. The base and meridian are made of brushed stainless steel with a matt finish. The different card images are carefully laminated by hand onto a 40cm acrylic sphere. The 12 segments of the planetary globes are also laminated by hand with great attention to detail by a professional laminator. This makes the globe a particularly high quality manufactured product made in Germany.

During the elaboration of the different planetary surfaces, special attention was paid to the realistic representation of the colouring. For example, the Jupiter globe shows recognizable stripes on the surface that represent the typical gas layers and can therefore be easily distinguished in color. One of the striking features of the Jupiter moon Europe is that there are thick scratch marks on the ice crust and only a few visible impact craters. Mars, Venus and Pluto also reflect the characteristic surface structures.

These planetary globes are both decorative and scientifically correct. No other globe manufacturer currently offers such high-quality and detailed planetary globes.

By the way, they are also ideal as a gift for space fans or as illustrative material for schools, scientific institutions or associations.

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